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To those who are reading this:

This website was just created recently. All poems which you will see under below in my blog, they are all written by me!

I hope you enjoy reading, and please come back for more!

Leave your comments below the poem, and let me know what you think!

Just one thing, if you here to read my poems and judge me, then I strongly suggest you don't go any further! 

I shall be posting more soon.

Thank you for your understanding ♥


As I stare at the ground
I can't help but can't stop thinking about you
It somehow makes me cry
I don't even understand why
You were just passing by
We've tried not to lie
But it still just didn't work out
I barely shout
And now without a doubt
I suffer to breathe
But I had to leave
I had no choice
And sorta lost my voice
You always cared and so did I
When I look back it makes me wanna cry
But I just gotta try
I have to move on
Because now you are forver gone 

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With a special gift for learning 
And with a heart that deeply cares
You add a lot of love
To everything you share
And even though 
You mean a lot
You may never know how much.
For you helped 
To change the world
Through every life you touched.
You sparked the creativity
In the students whom you taught
And helped them strive for goals
That could never be bought. 
You are such an amazing teacher
That no words can truly tell
However much you're valued
For the work you do so well.
I'll never be able to thank you enough
For all the stuff. 
I'll never forget you
And just want you to know 
I truly appreciate everything!
You will always be that special teacher 
One that'll never stare 
But will definitely care
Forever and Always
You will be my amazing teacher ❤️ 

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As I stare at the ground
Nothing to be found
The sand is brown
And it won't let me down

You may hate me
But I don't care
I am who I am
Either you accept the real me 
Or leave me the hell alone

It won't affect me this time
I am strong enough
And nothing will get me down
Even though that might be what you want, 
Well too bad, you have failed!

I am done with you
No one is perfect,
Or at least I'm not
Everyone is equal.. 

Stay or leave
Make the right decision
I really don't care

Just coz you might be confused
It doesn't mean you should confuse others
If you a mess
Don't blame it on others..
So think clearly,
And do whatever you want
Coz I don't care!

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As I see the sun
To the world I know I am none
But to some I am one
And so I am done. 

I may never know your intentions
But then again, what I don't know won't harm me.
You will one day be questioned
And so will I
But who will cry
When one of us die
You or I?

I don't wish for you to live in regret
But when I go
You will soon realize your actions
Coz the there won't be anyone for you to use,
To take advantage of
Or even to judge and hurt.
It'll all happen when it's too late
To come to the gate
And see me, mate!

We gotta make decisions
But let there be some good
Coz in the end,
Who's it gonna be
You or me?

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Being human...
I am grateful for being human
But if only I wasn't. 
I'd wanna be a bird
Bright and colorful,
Nothing to worry about
And no school... 
You may be compared to the rest
But will never be judged
Never have to feel emotional pain, maybe only physical
And are free.. 
When it comes to being human
It's the total opposite,
Forever you are compared
And always judged too...

The pain I feel
It doesn't seem to fade away...
Just tired of being judged,
Of being the bad one all the time,
Of just not being enough,
Of having fake friends,
Most of all the feeling of loneliness... 

If only it could go away
Life would be nothing but a dream
Coz surely in this real world
There'll never be good
Only evil

I can't do it
Not anymore
And so, if only I wasn't human...

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You mean a lot to me
But unfortunately you keep on hurting me everyday 
Of course I don't blame you
Obviously you'll never know it's you 
There are just too many differences between us
Life decisions is what will have to be done

I feel like you've become a close friend to me
Something more than it should be 
If only you'd noticed
I can tell you anything and everything 

It's best if you don't know
Coz then it'll just be too awkward
And will never be able to speak again.
The feeling inside of me says you already have someone 
But then again what I don't know shouldn't harm me

It's only how you act in front of me with others
If only I could bring some happiness to your life,
Make you laugh
Or just see your smile

Honestly there is no need to worry
I now know the problem...

All I can say, I am grateful for just being friends ♥

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According to my mind
You are just one of a kind
You may be blind
And not see
But you surely are the world to me ♥

My one and only
And a reason I'll never be lonely
Always understanding my reasons
Just being honest too 

I don't know what to do
Coz I'm forever thinking about you
Every morning
Every night
Every second
And everyday

It's driving me crazy
Even making me lazy
Coz all I wish to do
Is speak to you

This is all so wrong
So now I ask
O Allah (God)
Let all this go away
I beg of you
Please just let me go astray!

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Best friends are where
They forever care
Always there
In a place
We can't even embrace

It's truly wonderful
To have a best friend like you
Ever since you've become my best friend
My life has gotten so much better
And now that you are a huge part of me
I definitely won't be able to imagine it without you

Dear best friend
I thank you for always being here for me
Especially when I needed you most
We may not speak everyday
But I'm sure we both know
That we shall always be here for another

I have no clue what I did
But I surely am extremely lucky to have such an amazing best friend like you
May we be best friends forever and always
I love you ♥ 

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If it wasn't for you
I don't know what I would do
But I miss you
And you hate me
I don't understand why
Coz I didn't lie
I would rather die
Than cry
If I've ever lost you...
I won't survive
You're my smile
My laugh 
My happiness
My life 
My everything
I hope you don't ever leave me alone..
You might be one person to the world
But you are the world to me
No matter how distant we may be
You will always be in my heart
I trust you
And definitely won't be able to forget you
Coz in the end
I still love you ♥

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Everyday is a beautiful day
The sun shining so bright
Providing so much of light
I look around
Surrounded by trees
And all the buzzing bees
The birds chirping
All other animals sipping
From the nearby river
It gives me a shiver

As I walk in the jungle
All alone
I'm scared to even use my phone
Everyone hiding
Some are even dividing 

Beautiful creatures around
But nowhere to be found
And not even a sound
I don't understand
This land
It's so wonderful

Quiet and peaceful
How amazing is nature

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Every day is a beautiful day
I see the sun
And it reminds me of someone
I see your name
But there is none to blame
I did what was right
Now I just gotta get you out of sight
It’s much more difficult than I thought
I miss you
But there is nothing to do
I can’t come running back to you
It’s impossible
This was a choice
And now I can’t use my voice
It wasn’t meant to be
There is better out there for me
I can’t just stare
Like a mare
Even if it was a dare
I had to leave
And now I need to forget you
I hope it doesn’t take long
Just like a song
This is all wrong
I wish you all the best
And hope to find happiness just like the rest

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Take my hand
And I’ll take your hand
Together we can form a band
We are just meant to be
Oh baby can’t you see?
You complete me
I love you with all my heart
And nothing can tear us apart
I might not be the one for you
But you are the one for me
You are my everything
You are my king
Just let me be your queen
No one will come in between
I know the way you feel
You know the way I do
Why don’t we just admit?
You just can’t see
The real me
But baby you just gotta let go
And know
I’m the one for you
You are the one for me
We are just meant to
Oh baby why can’t you see?

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